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The best way to make sure your cashmere maintains its shape is by handwashing it. It is advisable that you first wash your garment after 2-3 wears, which will remove the small fibres that can cause pilling. Following that, we recommend washing it around every 10 wears.

● Fill a basin with room temperature water (no more than 30°C) and add a specialized cashmere detergent. We recommend Clothes Doctor, which can be found in our care products section.

● Soak your item for 5- 10 minutes and then gently work the detergent into the fabric.

● Replace the water with fresh water and rinse your garment thoroughly, draining any excess water. Do not rinse under running water.


It is imperative that you do not tumble dry your cashmere garment, as this will cause it to shrink. Your pieces should be placed on a flat surface and allowed to air dry. We also recommend removing any excess moisture with a towel prior to drying it.

● Place the wet item on a towel, roll it up and squeeze out the remaining water. Do not wring it or stretch the garment.

● Lay it flat in a dry place and keep it away from sunlight. Hanging your garments while they are wet can cause them to stretch due to the natural elasticity of cashmere.


It is perfectly fine to iron or steam your cashmere garments. Just ensure that the temperature is not too high if using a traditional iron (max 150°).


There are two widely accepted “rules” to storing your cashmere garments

● Do not hang your cashmere garments up for storage, as this can cause them to stretch. Fold them and store them in your wardrobe or drawer.

● If you are having troubles with moths, put cedar balls in the drawer or box and the moths will stay away.

● Top tip: In our packaging, you will also find a “Thank You” note printed on lavender seed paper, which can be planted and grown. Once your lavender is ready to be picked, you can stuff it in a sachet bag and keep it in the wardrobe next to your cashmere pieces to keep the moths away!


“No pilling means no cashmere” - Quoted by our Factory team in Italy

Pilling is the natural result that happens when short fibres twist around themselves. It is especially common in areas of friction where the garment rubs against another surface, like inside the sleeves in jumpers or inside the legs in trousers. This results in small bobbles that are raised above your piece.

The good news is, pilling can easily be removed with a wool comb or by hand. This is why we have partnered with Clothes Doctor to create a MyCashmere wool comb that you can find in our cashmere care shop.