24 APRIL 2023

"Comfortable and effortlessly elegant." That's one way to describe the sustainable luxury fashion brand, MYCASHMERE. This brand has a mission to create high quality, everyday cashmere garments that are truly feel-good pieces. For Earth Month, we connected with the founder, Felice Langkamp, to learn more about her and the eco-chic cashmere brand. 

Before MYCASHMERE, Felice spent a lot of time in the world of luxury. With a background in business management she worked at a prestigious jewelry brand for five years where she cultivated an appreciation and love for craftsmanship, artisanal work, and the story behind a piece. At the same time, Felice always knew she had an entrepreneurial spirit within herself. In 2020 she decided to create something of her own.

 “The idea of MYCASHMERE came during the global lockdowns where I was looking for clothing that was effortless and comfortable but still made you feel elegant. Cashmere just made sense. I fell deeply in love with this fabric for its unique properties that make it so versatile and timeless and how it is made to last and support slow fashion,” she said.

The brand sets itself apart from others with the Italian heritage of their pieces and by offering a supreme quality of craftsmanship and design at a considered but still accessible price point. In addition, MYCASHMERE’s pieces are sustainably crafted. Made from sustainably sourced or recycled cashmere, consumers can feel as good about supporting the brand as they do while wearing their pieces. 

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